March 9, 2010


Strange things happen to me. A set of (obviously false) teeth once fell on my lap, courtesy of a colleague who laughed himself into a state of hysterical toothlessness.

In the (hopefully, bygone) days when women fancied themselves as football legend wannabes, I sat next to one who had a couple of flying saucers standing from her shoulders. Either she was a rare breed who didn't own a full-length mirror, or she was simply lost in space.

There, too, was this one lazy afternoon when I and three girl friends literally stopped traffic along Quezon Avenue. The reason? Because the mah-jongg set that entertained us during those tedious days of Ramos-era brownouts decided to go berserk just as we were "escaping" to our Mah Jongg 101 lessons. And so it was that the four of us scrambled to recover the tiles while all around us, bystanders and drivers were jeering "Pong!" and "Todas."

Well, today isn't my moment either. Just as I was leisurely surveying my laugh lines in the powder room a colleague suddenly popped in, let it rip, mumbled an apology and left me in a cloud of carbon dioxide.

This is so NOT my day :p