January 30, 2012


Is it just me or did the Holidays just zip by? I feel as though I had just put up the tree, and now it's time to take it back down. I don't think I even completed my shopping list this year.

Not that I wasn't into the Christmas spirit. I was as wrapped up in the excitement as the little girl who had her own countdown. So many non-holiday things cropped up between the countdown and the real thing, though.

And now it's almost February. Which means it's too late for New Year resolutions. Late, even, for Chinese New Year resolutions. My planner is barely able to cope with the normal, everyday stuff to have space for the more creative thoughts, blog-worthy ones included.

Really, there should be a month between December and January. Time enough to tie loose ends before tying--and unraveling--new knots. Time enough to take a deep breath, survey the scene and move on to the business of moving on.

As it is, 2012 kicked in 30 days ago. The dragon has been here for a week. Meanwhile, I am still dealing with the dust--and the files--of 2011. Transiting from there to here, from A to B, is leaving me almost breathless.