July 26, 2011


Today, I am thankful because ...

Despite the sticky keys and the slower-than-slow connection, I am still connected,

Despite the driving rain, I am safe and warm, And the roof is not leaking,

Despite the power outage, I am not in the dark

Despite a memory that needs some serious upgrading, I still remember the things that matter.

Despite the different time zones, we are still friends who revel in the here and now. And the once-upon-a-times.

Despite postponements and cancellations, life goes on.

I am 44 today. The hair is no longer jet black, and the vision nowhere near 20/20.  The statistics are no longer vital. (They never were, anyway!) Still, I welcome yet another year of laughing (at myself, mostly), living, learning and loving.

This business of growing older isn't so bad at all.