August 3, 2011

One Fine Day

These feet were made for walking, and walk they did one fine day!  The more or less ten kilometer walk (should have been 20, but I cheated :p ) took me through fields of green, roadsides waking up for the day and mist-cloaked rivers and ponds.

I have always enjoyed walking.  There is something about taking to the open road on foot that clears the head (and the sinuses) of its many clogs and cares. Back in the reckless days when skin cancer wasn't a concern, my officemates and I would brave the midday walk from Emerald to Edsa.  The less than a kilometer walk, of course, was made longer by the endless prattle of post-college kids.

There are other walks as well--walks measured not so much in terms of distance but in terms of building friendships.  Bivouacs, treks, climbs, strolls made even more memorable by a heady mix of chatter and  semi-serious getting-to-know-yous. Comfortable silence among friends, too.

My legs felt like lead by the time I made it past the finish line. The sun, too, was scorching. No matter.  The feet will always find yet more reasons to walk.