April 24, 2008

Things that Made Me Go "Ewwww"

I am not a sucker for love stories. True, I devoured Sweet Dreams and Sihouette and Mills and Boon and Danielle Steele before I knew any better. But then I realized that love stories are all variations of the same plot (you know, the boy-meets-girl, the riding-off-into-the-sunset and the living-happily-ever-after stuff). And I learned soon enough that real life isn't a love story. That life is, in fact, a string of stories good and bad.

The "unromantic" that I was, I had an ever-expanding list of things that made me go "ewww."

1. Roses on Valentine's Day
2. Sappy love letters
3. Cheesy lyrics
4. David Pomeranz
5. Moony, "adoring" looks
6. The damsel-in-distress drama
7. Sharing a room and a bed and a bank account with someone
8. Holding hands for reasons that have nothing to do with safety
9. Making up after a fight
10. The Wedding March

Four years of wedded (can't say it's all) bliss--and a three-year-old that has her dad's eyes--and I take back everything on my list.

Happy anniversary, Paparu! And without racing to the medicine cabinet for a dose of antihistamine (or for the barf bag), I can truly, truly say that I'm glad you found me. :p


mel said...

hi mench. i had a good laugh reading this blog. i really like your style - you have a way of writing about heavy stuffs in a light way. your humor also shows in your blogs. keep blogging.

best regards,

ScroochChronicles said...

Happy Anniversary to you and to Paparu!!

Hahaha..on David Pomeranz. Muntik na syang masagasaan ng asawa ko last month...totoo yan :)

feng said...

LOL on those list of kaka "ewwwww". haha! muntik na akong malaglag sa kinatatayuan ko sa pagbabasa ng post mo. LOLz, esp. on David Pomeranz, haha! sobrang mushy naman kasi eh!

anyway, Happy happy anniv sa inyo ni Paparu! your better half is sure glad he found you!

PS. ang cute ng term of endearment ninyo.

Anonymous said...

mean you've been married with glen four years already

Chateau said...

Happy anniversary to you and your Paparu. I wish you many more years of items 1-9, haha.

Abaniko said...

Haha. Nice twist. So your hubby loves David Pomeranz ha? Eww. Hehe.

Happy anniversary to both of you!

Belen said...

life is better and worst. not love you for better or for worst.

Rudy said...

It's a bit late but Happy Anniversary anyway, Anna. :-)

rowena said...

Belated Happy Anniversary...