October 15, 2009


I thought I had some semblance of kitchen experience. That all those years of by-the-book cooking made me some sort of a kitchen goddess. I thought culinary disasters were behind me. That never again would I show up for work with oil splatter turned blister, or oven burns, or tales of kitchen mishaps.

My wanting to learn to cook has nothing to do with inner Julia Child aspirations. I just wanted to go where my mom has never gone (oh, she can command a kitchen army but can never cook). I just wanted to prove to the husband that he doesn't have sole command of the kitchen.

Alas, the kitchen and I--we do not belong. And this nasty burn on my right arm is a painful reminder that I should stay clear of the kitchen god's realm.


Kayni said...

How did you get that? Is that from oil splatter? That's big =(. I hope it doesn't hurt that much anymore.

Mel said...

oh-my! i hope that wouldn't turn into an ugly scar. but if it does, well it's there to remind you how you tried your best in the kitchen (and failed) hehehehe. It's all the trying that counts right? kamaldita ko mench no?

Rudy said...

Ouch! that looks like a nasty one! I guess the kitchen gods are sending you a message: Stay Away! Hehe

Seriously, hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks.

buday said...

After years of not entering the kitchen, you chose to FRY something?

Frying is hell. Oil splatters kept me away from the kitchen for far too long. These days OVEN mitts and extra long tongs keep me safe, hehe.

Droomvla said...

Hanggang ba naman niyan, loyal FHP ka pa? HAHAHAHAHA Tama baya? Future Homemakers of the Philippines? hahahahaha

Pero di bale na, listuhonon ka man baga magbake. Magbake ka na lang. :)