May 7, 2010

Campaign-Period Woes

My hometown is all decked out in yellow. A few weeks ago, orange was the dominant color. Before that, it was green. The ribbons, of course, are the campaign runners' way of welcoming "our" next president.

I wonder: when has a certain color become the "sole" property of politicians and political wannabes? I know there is such a thing as political color, but for them to claim a color as their own?

Personally, the "political color coding" has limited my choice of wardrobe, especially in this most volatile of seasons. And especially in these parts, where the welcome marker has gone from green to orange. If by chance the other candidate wins, will the faux bamboo be painted pink? Hmmm...

Come to think of it, the color-coding is but one of the reasons why I hate Romulo Makalintal for wanting to delay the elections. More than anything, I want the campaign period to be over and done with. My other peeves:

1. Jingles. Cliches like "pag-asa ng bayan," "makatao, makaDiyos, makabansa" "tapat sa serbisyo" and "madaling lapitan" make me want to reach for the barf bag. Double that if they are sung to the tune of "Ocho-Ocho" or "Nobody But You."

2. Jinggoy. And the other showbiz types who think politics will be all the more "distinguished" because of them.

3.Lawmakers who have showbiz aspirations. Make that egomaniacal lawmakers who think they are believable enough to be poster boys for other candidates.

4. Rabid, drooling, salivating supporters who assume that everyone can be mechanized into becoming rabid, drooling, salivating supporters.

5. Obviously over-Photoshopped posters. Our honorable wannabes, it seems have discovered that Photoshop is a cheaper alternative to expensive sessions with Vicky Belo.

So much for credibility, huh?

1 comment:

buday said...

Thank god, # 3 decided not to run. Otherwise, I would have had to give up my mostly-black wardrobe. ;)