December 5, 2010

Blast From the Past

To me, nothing spells childhood summers more than this ice shaver. It was my going-on-sixth-grade summer when this thingamajig became the rage in our kitchen. You see, except for my dad, all of us weren't Bobby Flay clones. In short, we thrived on instants.

Blue Teddy made our protracted summers super easy. We only had to raid Ma's mini grocery for a can of fruit cocktail and Frisian Girl, grab ice cubes from the fridge, crank the handle and presto: halo-halo! And then, it would be off to the corner sari-sari store for a peek at the (contraband) komiks-for-rent or to the streets for a game of "football" or siato.

Thirty or so years later, Blue Teddy still works. The blades are as sharp as ever, and the eyes still roll, much like Tita T's, when she is about to spew some hush-hush family chismis. The daughter has somehow staked her claim on the shaver and has since resurrected it from the kitchen cupboard.

A blast from the past, the thingamajig may be. But it looks like it'll still be around for very, very long.


kayni said...

Blue Teddy is cute. I used to eat halo-halo at my cousin's small stand, and yes, I read a lot from the komiks-for-rent I hate reading the itutuloy stories.

Nortehanon said...

Oh, the ice shaver still works! Ang galing naman. I am used to the other kind of ice shaver, the one that's being pushed and pulled over a block of!

I'm a confessed komiks fan. Yes, contraband din ang komiks sa bahay. Itinatago ko sa waist ko, iniipit sa garter ng palda or shorts, so my parents won't see them when I enter our!

buday said...

Ha! Buhay pa yan? Are you sure di pa kalawangin an blades? Eh grade school ka pa sana ah. (hehe)

There's a newer one kaya lang, 110v palan and I guess the little girl prefers to work for her halu-halo.