November 9, 2010

Major, Major Mode

While I was away...

... Baby James has morphed into Bimby

... PNoy has gone from Shalani to Liz

And the world turned ... and turned.

Meanwhile, I was--and am--left to deal with raging issues.  Issues like: why, oh why am I suddenly in a beauty-pageant mode? And why do I have to sit through three-hour meetings every other day to get Miss Sosogon off the ground?

Me, who had my major, major heyday in the forgotten '80s and whose only "titles" were Miss Thailand in my school's United Nations week celebrations and the Reyna Elena '86 (which I won because, as my sisters would always remind me, it was a money contest)!

As I am in the habit of debating with myself, I had two ready answers:  The office order that is now tucked in my 201 File and karma.  I won't get into the workings of the bureaucracy so let us leave the office order alone.  As for the karma part, I think this is what I get for taking to the streets GABRIELA fashion in the '90s in jeans, sneakers, batik and tubao.  And for causing monstrous traffic jams in the periphery of the Quezon City circle.

Karma is, of course, inescapable. And so excuse me while I powder my nose and hie off to the conference room.

1 comment:

kayni said...

i like how you put it. still, that is one karma you can get a lot of major, major experience from :)...