January 25, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

After days and days of relentless rain, the sun finally shone on my little pocket of the universe. For weeks, it's been nothing but dark skies, driving rain and dampness and dourness all around.  It was as if a humongous faucet had been left open, and we were but a few inches more of rainfall away from national disaster proportions.

Now the sun is up, and everywhere I turn, it's drying-up time.  In yards and on streets are things that can be dried or aired out.  There are rice grains and cacao seeds, laundry, cushions and mattresses, stuffed toys.  My neighbor is up on the roof, sunning himself.  The neighborhood brats--er kids--are out, enjoying the new year's first major sunlight.

I welcome the sun as well.  The rainy days have not been good for my resolve to fit into my old jeans.  Almost a month of finding comfort in (comfort) food and I am already way off my target :p

1 comment:

kayni said...

Here, I am desperately waiting for the sun. I am beginning to hate this winter.

I'm glad the sun is shining on your side.