April 9, 2011


I've never been really mindful of numbers.  Mathematics and I--we have a serious relationship gap made worse by horrible grades in college algebra. Two things had me thinking numbers recently, though: my blog archives and car plates.

Of course I know that I've been neglecting Anna's Tasa. I just didn't realize I am down to virtually one post a month until I happened to scan the archives part. How I got from 100 to three (thus far) in five years says a lot about my (lack of) focus.  Most days, I'd much rather read about other people's happenings than sit down. sit still and write about life and its sometimes dizzying turns. So much for 2011 resolutions, huh?

As for car plates, the spanking, from-the-factory vehicles vrooming around in my city have P-edition plates. Come to think of it, most of the "latest" cars when I was in college bore license plates that started with the letter P, too.  N was okay, because the very, very few old N-plated cars that I still see around here are candidates for cameo roles in Pinoy action movies.  But P?  Suddenly, I feel that college was a generation ago.

And it is, actually. But I'm not too keen on taking out the calculator to compute. : p

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