December 14, 2007


Before my bookmark-crazy sister took them, I had two bookmarks that screamed "psychedelic!" As in, 1970s! One had Andy Gibb on it; the other, Peter Frampton. I distinctly remember having Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett bookmarks, too, but they seem to have disappeared into "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Surfin' USA" oblivion.

The '80s heralded new "themes": Shirt Tales, those feel-good, if sappy Hallmark stuff, quotations that spurred me to either read, reach for the stars, love or be the best I can be. I had one made of cloth from Nepal--a souvenir from a jamboree.

My '90s bookmarks had a sense of coming of age, of coming back to the comforts of home. I have a gold-plated nipa hut bookmark and a collection of stuff that hinted of Faith Popcorn, Martha Stewart and Oprah.

More than just marking pages on books, I now realize that my bookmarks are by themselves memory markers as well. I know that a couple of years from now, I would look at this, my latest, and remember the heady, caffeine-loaded days of Anna's Tasa:


Em Dy said...

Oh, I remember Andy Gibb. My favorite is Don't Throw It All Away. And I loved seeing him paired with Marie Osmond. I was more into him and John Travolta. My sister was the one infatuated with Shawn Cassidy.

And I remember the shirt tales too. I even had a notebook with a lavender shirt clad animal on it.

And the Hallmark posters too. I had one in my room about reaching for your dreams.

Your post certainly brought back a lot of memories.

ScroochChronicles said...

Ay, parang na-twilight zone ako!! Hahaha :)

I was an Andy Gibb fan (Everlasting Love and One More Look At The Night). Selos nga ako kay Victoria Principal eh. Also loved Leif Garrett. Napapakanta na ako..ooohhh, I was looking for someone to love..hahaha :)

I collected bookmarks too. You forgot The Smurfs from the 80's. On my last trip kinarir ko yung pag-denggoy ng mga gift cards sa mga shops. They look like credit cards with nice themes. Yan ang mga bookmarks ko. My fave is the one from Target :)

quietstream said...

Hey, nice bookmarks! Did you make them?