February 3, 2008


One of my goals is to get organized. Unlike two of my sisters, whose spaces spell Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, I am a certified packrat. I have this tendency to collect, amass and hoard. Minimalism, I know, has high eye appeal, but my shelves can never remain "minimal" for long. They almost always get invaded by stuff.

(My built-in clutter magnet, is, I believe the product of genes. Dad and Ma--whose early growing-up years were spent hiding from the Japanese--cannot let things go to waste. They built a two-story bodega on our Molave Street home to accommodate books, long-playing albums and 45s, 60s furniture, tools, broken appliances, construction surplus, even a mannequin. They held on to the GE fridge bought in 1970for almost 25 years. And only because the thing--which had gone from white to yellow--had turned into a power-consuming monster.)

In any case, because I am starting to feel hemmed in by my things, I declared this to be a decluttering weekend. First I tackled my "creativity" cabinet. From among the piles of scrapbooking supplies I found "dear diary" entries, idea files, yellowing lists of projects not (yet) started or not (yet) realized. There were 78 pencils harking to my Sanrio days; cards and letters that were not sent; forgotten pictures. The home-office desk drawers and a three-level shelf yielded other "museum" pieces: letters from 20, 30 years ago, raffle tickets, a tinful of State of Mind candles, handmade cards from the hubby, clippings, recipes, receipts.

To the trash went the manuals that outlived their subjects, articles that I know I'd find on the net, calendars and planners from the '90s, magazines and inkless pens. Things I'm iffy about went into the not-sure pile. If I don't use them in six months, off they'd go.

As for the rest, I'll let them be. The cabinets and shelves are not as messy anymore. There's more than enough room. For now.


vina said...

hehe. i hope you had a great time decluttering!

i always do. have a great time AND declutter/organize, that is. it's a curse. i'm OC. :P

Anna said...

Hi Vina! Thanks for dropping by. I did have fun, but was slowed down considerably by finding stuff that I'd already forgotten. Whew!

Em Dy said...

We had the same weekend then. I found special paper, stickers, remnants of my creativity phase; freebie towels with the logo of companies which gave them away; etc. I gave them the next day to my secretary and she was so thrilled. She's making a Valentine's project for the boyfriend kasi. We're now using the towels in the clinic.

Anna said...

Hi Em Dy! I found 20-year-old pictures, too, and had a great laugh over the big hair of the '80s. Now I know, decluttering can be a lt of fun, too!

andy said...

Hiya, I found your blog via google. I'm looking for State of Mind scented candles and can't seem to find them anywhere! Any chance you know where to get them? Nice blog :)

Anna said...

i love state of mind sanctuary surprise. a friend got it for me at the state of mind shop in long island. tried looking for it online, too, but no luck