June 22, 2008

Work of Art

Among my few absolutes, this I know to be true: I can never be an artist. I can't, for the life of me, draw. While I love to doodle, I can't go beyond stick figures, stylized suns and flowers. And my "drawings" do not go beyond the logbook where minutes of (seemingly endless) meetings are jotted down.

Years ago, while sifting through papers that my mom religiously kept, I realized that I didn't have a single drawing. Ma said it was probably because I never drew; I wrote. To her eternal dismay, I wrote on walls, on chairs and tabletops, on books.

What about my art projects?, I asked. She rolled her eyes, and then I remembered: technically they were not really my projects. In short, I was not, I am not and I will never be an artist.

I resolved that this will not be the case with my daughter. As soon as she learned that they weren't food, I gave her crayons and all those artsy stuff. She seems to have taken well to scribbling and doodling. It's quite too early to tell, but this much I know: she'll make her own art projects.


Ely said...

nice drawings for a 2-3 year old gurl...

>compliments coming from a frustrated painter here.

edenee said...

hi menchie, don't be disheartened. i don't dance, look what i've got. i hate the color pink, there's an all-pink bedroom, with all things frilly FENK, next to mine. :-)

Em Dy said...

It's never too late to start learning a new talent. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure you'd draw something good if you try. And mind you, paintings that occasionally get exhibited are horrendous. So who's to say which is good or bad art?

kayni said...

i was never good at drawing, and i used to envy my talented classmates while they sketch and show off their artistic side. please don't tell anyone, but in school, my brother did my drawing projects for me.

i'm new to your blog and enjoyed the visit.

ScroochChronicles said...

Looks like mr. potatohead..hehehe :)

Me naman I loved to draw. Gaby seems to have inherited this as she can't stop drawing. I've had to ask the hubs for scratch paper from the office just so she would have an endless supply of drawing material.

Adi, on the other hand has inherited her father's love for writing. A huge letter "A" seems to be making appearances all over the house lately :)

pining said...

I'm a terrible artist too, in fact my 6 year old boy can do better... I'm so hopeless :-(
I like the way you write btw, I shall come back :-)