June 17, 2008

Love, According to a Three-Year-Old

Here's Gianna rattling off her many "loves":

1. I love chocolate
2. I love pink
3. I love "swimming" water
4. I love clouds
5. I love Gabriella [What can I say, the kid loves High School Musical]
6. I love Noddy
7. I love Sordoc [Hospital, where she wants to "study" so she can be a "people" doctor]
8. I love Father Jasper
9. I love the Playroom
10. I love Sandy (Her dog)
11. I love Elmo
12. I love the Capitol
13. I love I Spy

And, best of all:

14. I love you, Mama.

Sweetness and light, huh?


I am holding on to this weekend conversation because it has been one bad news after another at the office. Dog bites (and no available vaccine), a fatal accident, an abused five-year-old ... and with a bad case of PMS, I need a strong dose of, you got it, sweetness and light. And coffee, too. With rum.


mel said...

Such a sweet girl! those are the sweetest words that my daughters keep telling me as well, and i never get tired of hearing them. ahhh ... there lies the joy of motherhood.

Rudy said...

Aww, reading this made me wish I, too, have one... not the PMS ha, but a three year old to make me smile. :-D

Anna said...

Hi Mel. I have it on good advice (from you and from friends and classmates who have taken the "motherhood" road ahead of me, he he) that I should enjoy my daughter's childhood as well. And I am...

Anna said...

Hi Rudy! Sometimes the kakulitan can wear you out, too, he he

Annamanila said...

Yeah. How we keep something inside (I call it a medal pinned on the collar of the heart) and cling to it. These 'medals' make this sometimes difficult life easier to bear. Sarap ano?