October 9, 2008

So Much for White Rabbit

The news recently had me walking down White Rabbit- and Haw Flakes-lined memory lane. These--along with Kendi Mint, Fat and Thin watermelon seeds and plastic balloon--were my sari-sari store staples. Semi-forbidden stuff that I hoarded on the sly. I especially loved the filmy, plastic-like coating of White Rabbit and the way it melted in the mouth.

Now, with melamine casting dark clouds over just about anything and everything China-made, I feel a certain sense of loss. Goodbye, White Rabbit and Haw Flakes. No more making the side trip to the "Chinese" corner of the grocery for kiamoy and dikiam. I look at the colorful array of preserves and my inner monitor says "don't even think about it." I crave for tocinong Intsik, and an internal alarm buzzes.

Sad, but my nephews can't expect their usual from-the-Philippines hoard of Peanut Nougat and Peanut Cake anymore. "Pretend" Communion won't be the same without Haw Flakes. And White Rabbit? I now wonder what chemicals go into the melts-in-the-mouth coating. (The fine print doesn't help any. I once looked up the ingredients for Haw Flakes and guess what I found? Haw and water! As if I know what haw is :p)

There are other oriental brands that I am oh so familiar with; ointments and liniments often encountered in terminals and in airports and in piers. White Flower, Tiger Balm, Katinko and Essential Embrocation may be melamine-free, but their point of origin now makes them suspect.

Really, this melamine thing is giving most of us a bad case of paranoia.


Droomvlaai said...

that's why whenever i eat something, I don't pay any attention at all to the ingredient. i just eat it. lol

Annamanila said...

Paranoid is the word!

Well, this may be good for the Philippine economy. We have been so enamoured with made-in-China products because they're so cheap and yet not cheap tasting (or looking). Perhaps this is the shot in the arm that Pinoy products need.

Rudy said...

Oh you can still get your kiamoy and dikiam in Ongpin. They're locally made naman eh, so there's no danger of them having "exotic" ingredients, hehe. :-D

cherie said...

kanina naagihan ni aris an saro na bag na white rabbit, tinapok, hahahaha!!!