December 21, 2008

Initial Mania

First, there was FM. Then came FVR and GMA, and now we have the likes of BF, SB and a host of others who have the PR machines milling slogans, projects and what have yous tailored to their vaunted initials.

The initial mania may have taken its sweet time traveling this far down south, but uh-oh, it is here. And when the city marked the second Sosogon Festival these past two weeks, it was an all-out LD affair.

Some of the "initialed" affairs were quite appropriate:
Lingap Dalita
Larong Dekalidad
Liwanag sa Daan

Some hovered between the possible and the passable:
Lakad Daan
Lyre & Drum Exhibition
Family Love Day
Let's Dance
Linggo ng Diwang Kabataan

And some were just a tad too much:
Love Dog Services
PiLi Day
BaratiLyo GranDe

Gawd! I don't know, but since this is a national thing, I can imagine propagandists rocking in their executive chairs all day, mumbling initials like a mantra until they reach that light-bulb-eureka moment.

Whether the light bulb works or it fizzles and pops, well, that's a different story.


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Rudy said...

Since it will be the year before the next circus, este... elections, I'm expecting to see a rise in the number of billboards and streamers with the mugs of those "presidentiables" in around the metropolis. hay...