December 21, 2008

Wrapped Up

I virtually "disappeared" over the past few days. Actually, the "disappearance" has not been just limited to the virtual. Thanks to this wonderful HR innovation called "forced leave," I was a no-show at the office and had a valid reason for saying no to "official" projects.

But just when the hubby and I were hedging between spending our welcome break hereabouts or elsewhere, the flu that hit the little girl decided it for us. And so our vacation went pfft, I didn't make it to carol(!) practice, and plans of catching up on sleep disappeared because I had to be up three nights in a row to make sure that the baby was breathing properly.

In the days that I have been "disconnected," I have been too wrapped up in real life to even have time to pause and blog about it. I said my silent goodbyes to a beloved surrogate aunt, I had to play the role of "life coach" to a dear friend and--well--I just had to be me. To take stock of the here and now before the merry chaos of the holidays consigns it to the past and the irretrievable.

I'm done with my shopping, and the presents have been all wrapped up. I am slowly inching my way back into the virtual world, where friends and stories await. And tomorrow, I am back to the grind. I am about to get out of the cocoon that I have wrapped myself in all this time.


Abaniko said...

I envy you for having wrapped all your gifts. Me, although I bought my gift items months ago, I have yet to buy boxes and gift wrappers. Oh, well.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Droomvla said...

Hay salamat, nabuhay ka na ulit. :)

Manga makusogon talaga an virus na niyan. Kaipuhan na ulit mag imbento sin bag-o na bulong kay minsan, di na kaya san antibiotic.

Rudy said...

Ahh, so that's why you've been "absent" from the virtual world for two weeks. Hope your little girl is okay now and oh, have a merry Christmas... :-)