January 5, 2009

Not My Year, Huh?

2009 is not supposed to be my year. Astrologers and new age gurus making the rounds of pre-new year talk shows have all been harping about the sheep/goat not being "friendly" with the ox. Consequently, they concluded that the year of the ox won't be a breeze for those born in the year of the sheep/goat.

The Chinese New Year is still weeks away, but I can't say that the first day of 2009 had been relatively easy. What promised to be a sunny day at the beach turned out to be a short lunch that had us shivering from the driving rain and the cold, cold winds. It was a "powerless" day, too, as the whole city didn't have electricity from 9 a.m. until around 7 p.m. The restaurants closed early, and all we had was this lame chicken and cold leftovers.

BUT, sweeping predictions and bad starts aside, I know that my 2009 will only be as good--or as bad--as I make it. And it will be good. As good, in fact, as these post-New Year's Day, post-brownout photos.

This is late, I know. Just the same, Happy New Year, everyone!


Rudy said...

Oi! With a cute daughter like that, how can 2009 be a bad year? Oh btw, apparently, those of us born in the year of the ox won't be breezing through this year either... :-)

Droomvla said...

Kagayon gayon man daw sadi na batit. Siyerto ka na saimo ini? LOL
An mga anggulo san pagposing, baga an nagtraining na ini kan Emma Concepcion nan Imee Cinderella. HAHAHAHAHA

EmmaC said...

I'm going to take your comment as a compliment, Droomvla. :-)