January 31, 2009

Of Brain Itch and Earworms

I would like to believe that my daughter came out into the world to the tune of "La Chupeta." In the four days that I stayed in the hospital after my C-Section four years ago, this makes-no-sense-to-me song supposedly about pacifiers kept ringing in my ears. I tried muffling it with earphones and a dose of post-partum Alanis Morisette. I tried thinking up the lyrics to a super jologs song that is deeply embedded in my memory courtesy of my childhood yaya. I tried walking around the hospital lobby in search of that blasted player.

To no avail, of course.

It was only after the baby and I were in the safe confines of home--and I still heard fragments of that song--that I realized that it was playing in my mind all along. (As it turned out, the nonsensical La Chupeta was my OB's ringtone. It was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to anaesthetic light-headedness.)

In any case, this post had me thinking "La Chupeta!" No, it didn't make the list of GetBack's 10 worst brain-itch songs. Apparently, it lost out to "Who Let the Dogs Out," "YMCA," "Mmm Bop," "Mambo No. 5" and "I'm Too Sexy," among others.

Still, it tops the list of songs that that have the embarrassing way of (unintentionally) coming out of my usually unexercised vocal chords. Along with "Brother Louie," "I Will Survive" "Name Game" and--our dearly-missed messenger's favorite--"Quando, Quando, Quando."


Rudy said...

Brain-itch songs? How how bout those stupid Joey de Leon songs? For a time, they kept ringing in my ears as it was the first song I hear when I wake up in the morning, and the last before I doze off at night, no thanks to those vendors and their loudspeakers. Good thing I was able to flush it out of my system...

Anna said...

Come to think of it, there are a lot of OPM earworms--all stupidly inane, of course. My friend's two-year-old son, who has yet to speak a single straight sentence, goes about singing "wowowee." As in all the time!