March 14, 2009

Turning SIlver

Our 25th high school reunion is up in a few weeks. I thought it would be a cinch: we've been working on the homecoming for over a year now. But with reality staring us in the face, I am having some sort of a panic attack. As I'm sure the rest of the class are.

The panic comes mostly from the details that we have to wade through. Reunions are a tall order in these parts, especially for the silver belles and boys. Aside from planning the activities for our batch, we are also expected to host the grand alumni homecoming. That's roughly 70 batches, not counting those who have since moved on to more celestial reunions.

But queasy feeling aside, there is also the heady anticipation of being with old friends once more. Some of them I haven't seen since graduation, when we sat under the scorching afternoon sun and patiently waited as 700 plus graduates marched up the stage to get the rolled-up bond paper that summed up four years of our lives.

We have all changed, that’s for sure. Most of the girls have taken on new, sometimes-hyphenated, surnames. As the years piled up, so did the inches on the waist and the excess poundage in the most unflattering places.

We have all become what our school paper painted us to be: the salt of the earth. We have taken forked roads and have since realized that graduations are merely beginnings. That high school is but one of life’s many phases.

Still and all, it would be fun to go back to the old school. Already, we have unboxed old photographs and memories. It’s like going back in time, and getting to know our mirror images of 25 years ago.

Surely, this business of turning silver is a journey worth taking.


Droomvla said...

Madali na talaga. :) Nanu, naghaharangos pa kamo dida? hahahaha

Anna said...

Hay sus Marissa kay ginkakaralintura na didi an tawo ha ha ha. Dapat adi ka man :p

Droomvla said...

HAHAHAHA Daog pa palan nindo dida an mga kasalon ha? HAHAHAHA

Mayad na ini na wara ako dida kay madagdag pa ako sa mga matomar sin paracetamol. HAHAHAHAHA

Rudy said...

I missed my 25th high school reunion, as I did every class reunions since leaving school. Oh well, there's still the 50th, hehe :-D