March 16, 2009

Wishing Away the Flab

I blew the dust off a boxful of 25-year-old photographs, and now I am quashing the urge to max my imaginary credit card on all the slimming gadgets on Home Shopping Network. Having gone from skinny to solid--and altogether missing "sexy" by a mile--I now understand why people actually worship Belo and Calayan :p

The slimming frenzy going on in the office does not help any. Girls who think they have weight problems have suddenly regained horizontal spaces, thanks to this Chinese slimming coffee. The thing is, I love coffee and I don't want any other flavor messing with my poison. Not even if gives me Bebe Gandanghari's figure. Also, I am not about to trust my excess pounds to something whose fine print totally escapes me.

Which leaves me wishing away the flab and not physically doing something about it. If I had known that I would develop bulges when I tipped the Big Four-O, I wouldn't have made candy out of Propan in my skinny days.

Oh well. Life.


Kayni said...

I only read online about this Belo and Calayan cosmetic surgery competition there in the Philippines. It used to be simpler. I was teases 'fatso' since my elementary years, but I have come to accept that I might have been blessed with healthy gene. But who says Big isn't beautiful? Because it is =).

Droomvla said...

Di ka man mataba. Nagkalaman ka lang. Mataranta ka kun makapareho ka na sa akon kadako. HAHAHAHA

Rudy said...

Now I really wish I had attended my 25th HS reunion 5 years ago. It would have been fun to see all those flabs on the once sexy figures, hehehe

buday said...

Dili masiram an karne kun wara taba. Besides, an nagpapayat habang naggugurang, HIKAHOS. Mwahaha!