May 21, 2009


My phone met an unsanitary death while we were out on field, and for something like two days, I was cut off from the digital world.

For two days, there were no urgent "txt bak pls" messages, no truncated, virtually indecipherable SMS, no calls at the most incovenient hours. I was incommunicado. And happily so.

I would have preferred a much longer mobile-phoneless existence. The thing is, even this little corner of the universe that I call home also operates on fast-forward mode. There's always something "urgent" cropping up: some meeting, some accident, some document that needs to be signed, some "issue" that needs to be resolved. And so I had no choice but to reconnect.

Getting a new phone is easy. But rebuilding a directory--reconstructing lost contacts--takes some doing. I should have learned my lesson in "back-upping" the first time I lost a phone. Or the second and third times. Alas, I am now on to yet another replacement phone, and I am none the wiser. :p


Still on the subject of being incommunicado, I've been out of the (blogging) loop for a month now--and I haven't realized this till now. Life has been one busy swing after another. And it's only now that I am catching my breath.


Kayni said...

i honestly enjoy being "incommunicado." there's just too many things going on right now at work, and i'd certainly enjoy just closing my eyes, napping without the noise of my phone ringing.

good to read from you.

snglguy said...

Unsanitary? Why? Did it fell into a toilet bowl? I know of some folks who lost their cellphones that way, hehe. Anyways, you're right, losing all the contact numbers on your cell's phonebook is a lot worse than losing it. This post just made me remember to back up mine as well, hehe.

Gina said...

Hello Anna! Just catching up with your blogs.

So you've also been out of the loop for a while now , huh?

Ako rin.

Anna said...

Hi Kayni! All these gadgets that are supposed to make life easier--they can be just as stressful no?

Anna said...
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Anna said...

You got it, Single Guy! As in!

Anna said...

Hi Gina! I hope all's well with you. There's just too much going on that I can't keep up with the blogosphere, he he he.