May 29, 2009


On the way to the office this morning, I rode with a woman and her (elementary) school-age daughter who were into some sort of argument over the opening of classes. The girl recited her must-haves: scissors, eraser, ruler, construction paper, etc.

The mother was unconvinced. They'll buy the supplies, she said, when they are already needed. Or when the teacher asks for them. She launched a (redundant, I suppose) spiel on times being krisis-laden and all and that the daughter should make do with left-over supplies from last school year.

AND THEN, as an afterthought, she told the girl to ask her dad for money. "Humingi ka ng pera sa daddy mo ha? Ipa-straight natin ang buhok mo."

I swear, it was an effort to keep a straight face. SO much for priorities, huh?

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caryn said...

sigh. what kind of values are parents imparting to their kids these days?