June 1, 2009

You're Not Wearing That!

In Church yesterday, I was distracted by this young girl--probably around eight--wearing a red shirt. The print was easy to make out even for my nowhere near 20/20 vision. It said:

sexually arousing, exciting or interesting
radiating sexuality, alluring
as an illustration, see attached person

I'm no regular church-goer, and I won't even attempt to understand if it's appropriate or not. But one thing I'm sure of: my daughter won't be wearing that shirt. Not if I can help it, he he he.


Rudy said...

Hmm, maybe the mother should have brought a t-shirt with a bold print that says "I'm with Stupid", for her daughter...

cpsanti said...

tsk. i see a lot of that here in tokyo, but i rationalize that the wearers don't exactly understand what's emblazoned on their shirts. but over there... tsk. parents should know better ;-(