September 20, 2009


Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.
Bill Watterson

Some of the "pointless" things I might do this long weekend:

1. cultivate my digital farm
2. stalk Wil Wheaton on twitter
3. scrub the tiles
4. put up with unlimited texting (no thanks to "unli," the help barely gets anything done. except "texting," of course.)
5. convince Gianna that there is no such thing as a 100 in a report card. or is there?
6. take out my #26 needles and conquer the world one (cross) stitch at a time
7. go on a diet--and on our village fiesta, too!
8. play tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing. but only on wii

I'm gearing up for a real, real weekend. I hope you are, too.


buday said...

I love that: Cultivate my digital farm, hehe.


cherie said...

bagan ka-productive ugaring san weekend mo, manay. ~~~bright ina na baby girl mo, sabihon mo igwa. ^_^

Kayni said...

ugh...i want my weekends hopefully soon. i hope you were able to do all those on your list.

Droomvla said...

kumusta ka san farm ta online kay dili lamang kita nagbabalhas, pero sige an ani! HAHAHAHAHA

Abaniko said...

So Gianna is such a young achiever, ha? Won't settle for less. This reminds me of my pre-college years in public schools. Even if one did well, they will only give lower grades during the first grading because a downward trend of grades doesn't look good in the report card. Teachers gave high grades during the last grading period, but never 100.

Jesusa said...

mayad man kay para damo an ani mo, hahaha.