September 2, 2009

A Tale of Two Parlors

Business must be bad for funeral parlor A. While its competitor two buildings away never seems to run out of "customers," there it was, almost always eerily empty. The space where "mourners" usually nurse their grief over (rowdy) rounds of gin and poker remained just that: a dead spot.

Three weeks ago, a parlor of a totally different kind suddenly sprouted on the dead spot. Feng-shui experts would probably balk at the placement, but the beauty parlor seemed to do well. Never mind that there was only a thin film of curtain separating the pa-beauty gadgets from the display of coffins.

The beauty business, however, was cut short when--after a long, dry spell--a wake was finally held at the funeral parlor. I don't know if they made the mourners more self conscious, but it must have been a challenge to cheat at pusoy with the (beauty parlor) mirrors all around.

In any case, the wake is over and it's business as usual for the beauty parlor. This reminds me of my conversation with my QC neighborhood parlorista, the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of gayspeak:

L:"Tita, shocking pero si P, ayun sumakabilang parlor na."

Then naive me: "Ha, wala na dito si P? Saan sya lumipat?"

L: "Ano ka ba tita? Tigok na as in dead, patay, dedo na sya.
Kaya ayun, may I lipat na from the beauty parlor to the funeral parlor
ang bakla."

Oh, and by the way there's another business at the back of the beauty and funeral parlors: an ice-cream factory. Ugh.


cherie said...

mayad ina kay magpa-coiffure anay bag-o magbakal ice cream. tapos pag natikog san ice cream di magayun siya na ibuburol, hahahahah!

Glo said...

ice cream????!!!


sain ina manay?

gotta make sure di kami buili ng ice cream na yan.


Droomvla said...

hahahahaha... diin ini? an sa hampang san Anunciation or didto sa kataning ni Miss Babasa? LOL

Rudy said...

Oi! and here I am thinking that the funeral parlor business is recession proof. May nalulugi din pala. No wonder funeral parlor "ahentes" are always present in hospitals, and in large numbers pa. I have seen quite a few of them hovering around dying patients and their families like a flock of hungry vultures.

Anna said...

cherie: three in one? ha ha ha

Anna said...

Glo, sa may bibincahan ini, manay. Lagpas sa Lewis. Btw, sa VIP an aki ko. Nursery pa sana

Anna said...

Glo, sa may bibincahan ini, manay. Lagpas sa Lewis. Btw, sa VIP an aki ko. Nursery pa sana

Anna said...

Marissa: an sa may Annunciation, he he. Mas kaiping pa kaya na Labalan kaya dili napapansin

Anna said...

Rudy: oh, yes the ahentes. even hereabouts they make a "killing," he he he

Annamanila said...

This is funny, maybe morbidly funny. But you pulled it well. Galing, Anna.