November 22, 2009

Go Farm!

Not since Tamagochi and Super Mario have I been this much into techie gaming.

Rice fields, fallen leaves, the vegetable patch out back. I look at these and I think “FarmVille!” I have taken to waking up really early so the strawberries won’t wilt. (At one point I forgot to turn down the volume and had to convince a grumpy husband that a cow didn’t stray into the backyard; that it was, in fact, just my digital Betsy lowing at 3 a.m. hehehe.)

At the office, I keep the FV window open, sneaking in some plowing and planting and fertilizing the neighbors’ crops in between reports and memos. I have suddenly found practical uses to math, calculating the time it will take for the tomatoes to ripen and the blueberries to wilt. The daughter, too, has plunged headlong into digital farming and has been telling everyone about our "pink" farm.

I don’t know the first thing about farming, but with FarmVille, I am living out the life my home ec teachers foisted on me when they signed me up for membership in the Future Farmers/Future Agricultural Homemakers of the Philippines (ha!). And happily I realize that Marissa is but a farm away.


buday said...

Before Tetris went the way of Game&Watch, I used to play it every chance I got but decided to stop when I found myself staring at the windows of a high-rise building and imagined them falling while I arranged the pieces in my mind, hehehe.

Anna said...

Hehehe,these things can be really addicting. I remember shouting "herculade!" even when I wasn't playing :p

Droomvla said...

Ako ngani, maski may nagle lesson sin piano, nagpapa simple ako san pagharvest man. Pipatugtog ko sin paulit ulit san piyesa habang an teacher payt an clik sa farmville san mga ready to harvest na patatas nan kamatis. HAHAHAHAHA!

Sabi ko ngani na pati si Little girl kaentra naman kay ngalasunon ako san playground nan an pink na motiff. HAHAHAHAHA Aliw talaga. LOL

Jesusa said...

Happy farming:)