November 30, 2009


Like any 70s child, my introduction to the entertaining (and puzzling) world of Engrish came with free trade. With the deluge of cutesy stuff from predominantly non-English speaking countries, I had pencil boxes that had me "lookiking out the window," stationery with lost-in-translation messages and how-to manuals that were far more complicated than actually putting together seemingly complicated parts.

In church last Saturday, I found an effective way not to snooze during the homily. It was a t-shirt that put to task my (rapidly deteriorating) memorization skills. And it read:

Romantic A

What gives me a feeling and the tranquility which made us unite and the calmness.

Produce the atmosphere.

That the spot which a spice was effective againste is smart.

While it is gentle.

If I wouldn't be condemned to stew in hell for flashing my cp camera during mass, I would have snapped up a photo and sent it to this site.


Droomvla said...

HAHAHAHA... Nanu?? ... nanu?... nanu????? HAHAHAHAHAHAH

buday said...

Ayhisus! Talagang "Lookiking out of this grey eyes!" Hahaha.

Rudy said...

Those cutesy Japanese characters are the worst offenders when it comes to mangling the English language, and yet, they sell like hotcakes even in the US... bakit kaya? :-D

carlotta1924 said...

masyadong niliteral ang translation hehehe.

dropped by from abaniko's blog, btw. :)