December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season

The tree needs to be dusted, and the checklist is getting longer by the day. The first of the Christmas parties is up in a few minutes and I am nowhere near Holiday mode.

Oh yes. 'Tis the season when my nerves get frazzled, my hair gets even frizzier and my wardrobe screams "diet!" I am near screaming myself. I can only wish that the stress of having to put up with the "compulsory-ness" of office Christmases will go away.

And then, I can truly enjoy the real Christmas!


Rudy said...

I guess even Mayon volcano is joining in the festivities this year, hehe.

Kayni said...

Sounds like me =), although I'm almost done with the shopping list. I thought most of the list were for me I hope all is well.

Droomvla said...

Happy Holidays! :)

buday said...

Talking of "compulsory-ness", what's worse than office Christmas parties?

Office Christmas party PRODUCTION NUMBERS! Aaargh!