August 31, 2007

Delayed Reaction

When I read Malu Fernandez' much ballyhooed piece about her flight from Boracay to Greece--precious column inches of which were devoted to OFW bashing--I thought here goes another society matron who seriously thinks she can write.

When I read her anything-but-sincere apology, where the woman claims that she was just being "humorous," I thought uh-oh Ms. Hoity-Toity got some shit going her way.

And when I read her resignation letter from the Standard, I realized that the woman can write naman pala. If there is such a thing as a professional apology scribe, the woman should be it.


Denden said...

Grrr. Kainis ang babaeng yon. Akala nya ang ganda-ganda nya...

ScroochChronicles said...

Pareho kayo ng husband ko. He learned about the Malu Fernandez booboo just last week. By then things were already dying down. Still, he got a kick by reading all the comments and all the videos uploaded on YouTube :)