August 14, 2007

Weekday Drama

Yesterday I braced myself for the usual teary Monday-morning goodbyes. I knew that this Monday would be particularly difficult. After all, we spent the better part of Saturday at the beach, and Sunday was a 100% Gianna-and-Mama day.

And so I woke up unusually early, bathed unusually early and dressed up unusually early. That would give me enough mommy time, I figured, before I shifted to the workday mode.

I was fully prepared for the "no no no office" pleas. I had my lines down pat, and my escape route perfectly plotted. As I was about to make for the back door, however, the little girl looked at me and--with no hint of the customary high drama--said "Bye-bye, Mama. Take care."

It was the same scene this morning.

Ouch! Now I'm not sure which tugs at my mommy heartstrings more: the tearful, dramatic so longs or the matter-of-fact bye-byes.

With a pang, I realize that my little girl is slowly learning to let go.

And I am not ready.

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