September 11, 2007

Catching Up

Last Saturday, CM Batch 80 had a mini meet-up. I had initial misgivings about going. It's been way too long--27 years to be exact--and I wondered if we'd ever find something to talk about beyond the requisite how are yous.

As it turned out, we did have a lot to talk about. Not just remember whens and stories about former classmates but stories of the here and now. Over lunch--which strecthed for three hours, we did some catching up. Kiko, he who slugged it out with the class bully, is now Padre Kiko. Rudy and Ayi, the big boys, are now much, much bigger. Philip, Larcy and Patrick are the constant contacts, providing updates on the others.

When we were in grade school,we went by our "given" names. Kiko was Francisco, Obet was Roberto, Rudy was Rodolfo, Bong was Aruello. I went by the rather unwieldy name of Anna Carmencita. Maturity has made for shorter names. And for overcoming the Catholic-school imposed boys-with-boys-and-girls-with-girls restrictions. In a sense, it has also made us kinder--especially on ourselves. Having seen much, we are no longer embarrassed by soiled-underwear episodes. Such, are, in fact, now sources of endless amusement.

And so, this business of growing up--and older--isn't so bad at all.


chateau said...

Hi anna!
I love reunions. In fact I am usually at the helm (read: pasimuno) of such events. It's fun to reminisce, but rekindling old friendships is something else.

Have a great week. :)

coffeefreak said...

Hi chats! I'm not usually part of the "organizing committee" but I do love attending reunions. They put things in perspective, he he.

pillow_talk said...

I used to love going to reunions. Now that I'm the only "single" in the group, parang ayoko na. I don't know, but my classmates make me feel like an anomaly. All they talk about are kids, husbands and more kids. And me they treat as the "manang." Tsk. Tsk.