September 2, 2007


My sisters often tease me that I have supersonic ears. Either that, or I am simply chismosa. When a topic piques my curiosity, the thing about the walls having ears becomes an understatement. There are times when I find that nothing is more challenging than trying to worm my way between two heads drawn together in a whisper: I just have to know what's brewing.

Other times, my "radar" unintentionally tracks conversations--whether one-sided or two--that are way too weird,wacky or just plain out of whack. Here are some of them:

A: Pare, saan ka ngayon?

B: Wala lang, sa bahay lang.

A: Hindi ka nagta-trabaho?

B: Ba't naman ako magtatrabaho, eh wala naman akong pakakainin. Wala naman akong asawa.


He (placating a distraught she): Okay naman yung movie ni Al Pacino, ah.

She (obviously pissed at having to sit through two hours of Sea of Love): Ano'ng okay? Mas okay pa sana kung si Fernando Poe. Pacino-Pacino, pwe. Niloloko nya ang taong-bayan.


Girl (holding up a picture of their Dad): Kuya, ang pangit talaga ni Papa, no?

Boy: Oo nga, kaya lang wala na tayong magagawa, tatay natin sya eh. Buti na lang, hindi tayo nagmana sa kanya.


He (sizing up the Jurassic Park poster): Totoo kayang "one million years in the making" yan?

She: Sus, maniwala ka dyan. E di patay na sana ang director no.

Oo nga naman...


rowena said...

Hi, this is my first visit. Got here thru Cookie. You have a very nice site. Like you, bionic ears din ako, and I can read lips (literally) too. Kaya when in public, I cover my mouth when I'm making pintas, he he. Btw, I'll be coming back again here.

annamanila said...

Hahaha. I know that feeling too --when there's buzzing all around and you don't know and you just feel so dizzy with wanting to know. Love this funny post, Anna.

coffeefreak said...

Hi Rowena. Thanks for dropping by. It's great knowing that there are other bionic ears out there, he he. When I was a commuter, I would pass the time by listening in on other people. It certainly took the boredom out of stewing in the horrendous Manila traffic. :p

coffeefreak said...

Hi Annamanila. It's not really being nosy, di ba? It's more of not wanting to be left out :p

ScroochChronicles said...

Hehehe...ako naman my husband curses me for not hearing and not seeing. Trust me to always leave out some important details during a conversation or while reading an important document. Ewan ko kung anong sakit ang tawag dito. As in bingi at bulag talaga!!

chateau said...

hey, include me in your list of the bionic-ear-endowed. haha

My kids and friends find me unbelievably big-eared or, yeah, chismosa! LOL
Love this post, so funny!