October 14, 2007

Memory Gap?

You know how it is: you misplace your phone and you pester someone to ring you up so you would know. Or you turn the house inside out for that elusive pair of glasses only to realize that it's been sitting on your head all along.

Similar things have happened to me countless times before, and when I do, those around me invariably point to my "getting on in years" as the culprit. As if forty is old.

But since 40 is the new thirties, and since I can't attribute my forgetfulness to a. depression; b. dementia; and c. side effects of strokes, injury and alcoholism, I have found ready answer in d. side effects of drugs.

Not that I am--or was--a junkie. I had my fair share of anaesthesia when they were prepping me for C-Section, and those who'd taken the route before me swore how surgery affected their memory. In any case, if I make a fool of myself and do the following:

1. Forget to rinse off the conditioner [and go to the office wondering why my hair is particularly slippery-smooth];

2. Hand over my fare to the driver by saying "Mama, hello";

3. Jog my memory for the name of a person only to realize that the person is actually the hubby;

4. Chat up a storm with someone, all the while mistaking that person for someone else;

5. Wear a skirt with the slit up front [when it should be at the back] and when someone notices, say that it is supposed to be that way;

it's not memory gap. Blame it on that little stitch in my tummy :p


ScroochChronicles said...

Or when you mistakenly call you kid Vicky when her name is Gaby. Yup, that bad!!

Abaniko said...

Forgetting the name of the hubby is much better than mistaking someone for a hubby for days on end. Yay! ;)

pillow_talk said...

I remember sitting next to someone na baliktad ang blouse. So funny, kasi this was the era of shoulder pads, and with the pads sticking out like that, the girl looked like she was wearing some alien suit.

rowena said...

Hi Anna, same sentiments here. I always forget things. When I call one of my kids, it's like a roll-call, I mentioned all their names. Then my youngest, Bea would remarked, ay nagkamali na naman si Mama. Hay, yeah blamed it on the little stitch down there (tummy, he he) that's been opened and closed 4x ha ha...