July 30, 2008

Death Penalty

There are times when I wish capital punishment is back in the Philippine legal system. And not a moment too soon.

Today, our office handled a case that had all of us swearing and cursing: a three-year-old raped by her 18-year-old neighbor. Why, the girl is as old as my daughter!

I hear about stories like this every time: on TV, in print, over the radio, on the web. Hearing about these things makes me cringe, tugging at the heart of the mother in me. But they all seem too far-fetched, too unreal. I never imagined that this would happen right here, in the confines of "home."

But it did happen, and reality came with the desire to kill, to violate, to wish someone ill. Legal minds and human-rights advocates and moralists may debate all they want. I say, death, death, death!


Rudy said...

Up to this day I still cannot see the logic behind the line, "A death penalty won't bring back the lives of the victims", uttered by those who oppose it. It's like telling the victim's family to just let bygones be bygones... tsk! Kakainis.

Anna said...

hay naku, that's easy for them to say kasi they don't get to see the victim up front.

Anonymous said...

sama ko sayo! death! death! death!
sa tingin ko dapat double dead pa ang gawin sa kanila!

the donG said...

this is a sad news. poor kid.

Annamanila said...

I understand the outrage. Kill, kill, kill -- I have felt and thought that too.

Pero meron daw mitigating circumstances, sabi ng mga lawyers. Like being sick in the head. Uncontrolled compulsions. Such troubled people should be locked up too, I know. Maybe for life. But maybe not in a regular prison cell.

You're working in a law firm?