July 6, 2008


I graduated from high school in 1984. This was the era of Mother Lily and her Regal Babies, Bagets and the layered look. Computers were unheard of in our little pocket of the universe. Much of our school projects, in fact, moved to the rhythm of the bulky Olympia or the more portable Underwood.

On my third and fourth years, there was one room that drew me in. Here was where my love affair with the scent of newsprint began, where I spent many, many hours trying to be a writer. The Luzon Tip Press Room drew in kindred souls as well: Eden, Mel, Marissa, Cherie. We had our own cliques, but we were drawn to each other by our love of the written word--ours and others'.

After high school, we managed to see a bit of each other every now and then. But these became farther and farther apart as careers, marriages and children came and life happened. Keeping ties was never my forte, and except for third-person updates, I lost touch with my school-paper buddies.

And then I found them. Found their blogs, actually, and I feel that I am on a journey of rediscovery. And discovery. Eden gardens--and cooks. Mel is taking the road less travelled. Cherie is learning to drive. Marissa is very much Marissa: artist, intellectual, a woman of strength. All of us are players in the game of life.

We may live in different worlds now, but I feel more connected to them than ever. This blog thing has bridged the silent, in-between years. It has reconnected me with old friends, connected me with new (online) friends and given me back the joy of writing.


Droomvla said...

I couldn't agree more. Truth is, I always look forward to reading your blog (Eden, Mel and Cherie too).... sort of watching and "talking" with you from afar.

Pero ha, Marissa is very much Marissa: artist, intellectual, a woman of strength! HAHAHAHAHA Aber kay ilibre ko ikaw sa Chowking next time I am in Sorsee. HAHAHAHAHA

mel said...

what a lovely post about us. i feel exactly the same way mech.

kayni said...

blogging has lead me to reconnect with friends and college buddies as well. whenever i write about my experiences and read about theirs, i feel that we're all in the same journey but taking different paths in life.

Ely said...

wow, galeng naman. So far i haven't met an old acquaintance here in the blogosphere yet.

Rudy said...

I have, in my three years of blogging, yet to reconnect with any of my old high school classmates online... which is really not all that surprising since I can't recall any of them having the patience for reading, let alone the written word. :-D

caryn said...

wow, this is such a lovely post of finding new ways to forge old connections. ang saya!