July 17, 2007

Little Miss Cling-Wrap

I was blog-hopping last night when Gianna sidled up to me and said, ever so sweetly, "Mama, enough work na."

For a moment I was speechless. It didn't matter if I was working or not. To the two-year-old, any amount of time spent doing something else is time spent away from her.

Recently, the kid has been quite clingy. I'd go to the bathroom, and she'd stand outside the door. Sometimes she'd even ask her nanny to go get the keys. Each working day becomes a matter of high drama, so much so that I have taken to sneaking out the side gate. On weekends, she refuses to take a nap. She has, in fact, quite become an expert at fighting off sleepiness.

Times like these, and I really envy the moms who have all the time in the universe to be with their kids. How I wish I wouldn't have to zip through each working day thinking about Gianna when I'm at work and mentally ticking off my to-do list when I'm with Gianna. Times like these, and I wish I didn't have to wear too many hats.

But there's college to think of. And bills. And retirement. And all the (in)conveniences of parenthood in the 21st century. There's also the matter of "genes." I come from a long line of women who wear their "working mom" badge with just the right amount of pride and pressure.

And so, whenever Little Miss Cling-Wrap pulls me away from whatever it is I'm trying to do, I relent. Seasoned moms tell me that the clinginess is a passing thing. In no time, I will be the one doing the whole clingy routine.

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