July 10, 2007

Lost Brands

The upside to our office cleaning frenzy is that we made a lot of discoveries. Or, to put it in the proper perspective, re-discoveries. On a long-forgotten hospital cabinet were bottles and flasks that could very well be the stuff of Shabby Chic. One look, and conversation shifted to Choco Vim and Melon Milk and the brands of thirty something years ago.

Remember these?

1. N-Nut coated peanuts
2. Prawn Curls
3. Mini Mallows
4. Manor House chocolate
5. Lem-o-Lime
6. Mountain Dew
7. Big Boy Bubble Gum
8. Veto Deodorant
9. Prell, Pretty Hair, Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific and Halo shampoos
10. Stayfree Feminine Napkins
11. Life Buoy soap
12. Kao Biore facial wash
13. Wakasan Komiks
14. Funny Comics
15. Jingle Extra Hot
16. Kislap
17. Lasting Songs Digest
18. The Daily Express
19. Bic, Kilometrico and Haba-Haba Ballpens
20. Spartan, Bantex, Mighty Kid and Grosby Shoes
21. Made in Heaven fashion
22. Syvel's Department Store
23. My Melody, Tiny Poem, Patty and Jimmy and Kokuryo characters
24. Beautifont

If any of these ring a bell, you and I are nowhere near old. But if they don't, well, you probably won't remember Lala Aunor and Arnold Gamboa and the Apat na Sikat either. :p


Anonymous said...

May Liberol Ointment pa ba ngayon? Tsaka yung parihabang matamis na may kasamang color by number? Tsaka Fatand Thin na butong pakwan?

buday said...

Frisian Girl
plastic balloons
Eat Bulaga kornik
Snow Dots
Aliwan, Lovelife, Pilipino Klasiks
Mills and Boone
Beer na Beer

pillow_talk said...

I remember Frisian Girl and yes, Manor House. Favorite ko yun, especially at Christmas kasi it comes in those nicely packaged cartons.