July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4: Random Music

Thirteen Things about ANNA

Around a month ago, a friend tagged me for a seven-favorite-songs meme. Coming up with seven from a long, long playlist is something of an ordeal, so the meme continues to languish in draft. I decided to do something similar for this Thursday Thirteen. Instead of getting a headache from choosing, though, I put the i-pod on shuffle and listed down 13 songs, starting from song no. 13, progressing to song no. 26 and so on until I got to song no. 169.

My random list:

1. Over and Over (Wilson Phillips)Reminds me of dorm life in the '90s!
2. This Land Is Mine (Dido) Poetry in pop? With lines like "So find your home and settle in/oh, I'm ready to let you in/just as long as we know, this land is mine... this certainly is one of the best-written songs ever!
3. PM's Love Theme from Love, Actually (Craig Armstrong)
4. A Fifth of Beethoven (Walter Murphy, from Saturday Night Fever)Think John Travolta and mirror balls and grooving down the streets of New York!
5. Against All Odds (Phil Collins) Ahh, the '80s! What would it be without Phil Collins and Genesis!
6. Guilty (Blue)Sappy, sappy!
7. I Love You (from Barney & Friends) To my two-year-old, few things can beat the thrill of a singing purple dinosaur. To me, nothing beats the thrill of the kid singing--and acting out--this song!
8. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Ray Conniff Singers) This one puts me on Christmas mode even on the hottest, hottest day!
9. Baby, You're Mine (Basia) Bouncy, feel-good song!
10. Head Over Feet (Alanis Morisette) "Jagged Little Pill" is my album of choice whenever I feel the need for murder :)
11. Officially Missing You (Tamia)
12. Never Too Much (Luther Vandross) Cool, cool voice!
13. Whenever I Call You Friend (Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks)One of my favorites!

These are, of course, but 13 of the 1,597 songs on the playlist. I wonder, would any of these make your list?

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Robin said...

I remember learning how to play A Fifth of Beethoven on my flute back in the 70's!

Jeremy said...

I have some, some I have never heard, but I draw the line at barney, although I do have the theme song to Gilligan's island, and the beverly hillbillies

happ tt

Starrlight said...

The entire No Angel album by Dido is amazing =)