March 20, 2008

Gianna Gets Tagged

Gaby and Adi tagged Gianna. And so it's time to (willingly) take on the role of stage-mother wannabe and present--ta dah--eight random facts about Gabriella Onna Lanuza Dichoso.

1. Gianna has a colorful imagination. She has pretend conversations with Captain Von Trapp, with Gabriella and, lately, with an imaginary friend named "Congee" who "lives" in her cabinet.

2. She was born on February 20, 2005 to the tune of "La Chupeta." At least, it was the last song I heard before the C-Section. And it was the first "ringtone" that calmed the then bawling five-hour-old baby while the mama was heavily (and happily) sedated.

3. She can't get enough of water. It takes a lot of effort to take her off the tub, or out of the beach or the pool.

4. She has not outgrown her binky. Two binkies in fact: one for sucking on and one for "smelling."

5. She loves pink. It's the first color she learned to recognize. And she's so into other "girly" stuff, too.

6. Nuns fascinate her. Probably because up until she discovered Annie and High School Musical, The Sound of Music was a pre-bedtime routine.

7. She loves to walk, walk and walk.

8. Getting her to take medicines is the easiest thing in the world. No "take-your-medicine-now tricks" for this girl. Just the slightest sign of a cold and she'd yell "Disudrin!" And she's been pretty consistent about what she wants to be when she grows up: a doctor.

As for keeping this meme going, I don't know that many blogging babies. Except Cherie's boys. Anyone else up for a tag?


ScroochChronicles said...

Thanks for doing the tag. Halos magka-bday pala sila ni Adi. Funny lang kasi they have a lot of things in common (love of the water and love for pharmaceuticals..hehehe). Btw, I noticed the family name..Dichoso. Would you by any chance know Bernie and Emma? They're friends of the husband.

Anna said...

Hi Cookie! And they're moody and not too big on parties, too, he he... As for the friends, nope, I don't know them, but if they're from around here (Sorsogon in Bicol) distant, distant relatives pa yata. Tatlong barangay kasi ang Dichoso dito, he he he.

Josh of Arabia said...

pretty-little woman! pang-komersyal! :)

pillow_talk said...

cute cute cute kid!