March 12, 2008

Yet Another Family Drama

There are few things I never imagined myself doing in this lifetime, and one of them is this: watching a really sick comedy in the barangay hall, waiting for the tanods to appear. And on a rainy Monday night, too.

V, a young cousin, chose this wettest of nights to do the bad-boy routine. And since extended families are still family, we just had to be there. Going to the police seemed too harsh. Brutal even. But something had to be done, and off to the barangay it was, if only to have the drama on record.

It turned out to be a long wait. For the rains to stop, for the official on duty to appear, for things to simmer down. And so, while Andrew E. hammed it up on TV, I made a mental memo to myself: whatever happens, don't ever, ever spoil your kid.

Unless you want to risk another drama like this 20 years from now...

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