March 25, 2008

In Black and White

I love leafing through resumes. It's amazing how life--and works in progress--can be summarized in tiny details: in commas and periods, in hyphens and dashes.

Just as there are different views, there, too, are varied resumes. There are cut-and-paste versions and there are those that command attention. There are resumes that spell determination and drive, there are that imply that their subjects are simply coasting along.

In my 8' x 5' corner of the (bureaucratic) world, a resume can be a source of boundless amusement. Consider these:

Place of birth: Neighbor's house

Color of eyes: Black and white

Distinguishing mark: Pimple on left face

Name of father: Dead
Name of mother: Dead again

1 comment:

Rudy said...

Mwahahaha! Are those for real? But come to think of it, technically, tama din... :-D