March 29, 2008

Mc Broiley Who?

This being a lazy, hazy Saturday, I had lunch while idly surfing channels.

My attention was drawn to this segment on Eat Bulaga. In an informal getting-to-know-you Q & A, the hosts asked the contestant what the name of her son was. The reply? Mc. Broiley. As in M-C period B-R-O-I-L-E-Y. The kid, insisted the mother, was named for a character on Dragan Ball Z.

And then, there's this family of wide readers whose children were named for writers and/or literary characters: Ingersoll, Plutarco, Hulmboldt, Voltaire, Parker, Baron de Holboch.

Ah, the names we name our kids...


Rudy said...

That's nothing... back in first year high school during the early seventies, I had this classmate who was named after a brand of baby product, Evenflo. I don't how his parents ever came up with the idea of naming their kid after a feeding bottle. They must've thought it was the name of the company's founder or something. His nickname, by the way, was tsupon. :-D

Have a great weekend, anna.

buday said...

Hahaha! Tsupon! Hahaha!

Abaniko said...

A patriotic dad once named his daughter Luzviminda. Another dad who married a girl named Apple named his three daughters Orange, Peach, and Cherry. Good thing he doesn't have a son, else, he'd be tempted to name him Durian or Banana. Hehe.