May 16, 2008

Ahh, Summer...

From my office window, I see perfect pictures of summer: boys flying kites, fields swaying in the breeze, deep blue skies hinting of summery days at the beach.

I remember my ice-candy summers: school-less days that also meant bottles of anti-lice shampoo. And battles with the neighborhood boys.

I remember the bahay kubo in the old backyard. It was my world for three summers--the awkward summers between The Bobbsey Twins and Gabby Concepcion. It was there, under the shade of the aratiles tree, where my sisters and I read Tagalog komiks on the sly, where we listened to afternoon dramas over AM radio, where we did nothing but play and sleep and play some more.

I could use a lot more sleep. And a lot more play.

But there's work to do. There are papers to review, and the clock on the wall says it's still three hours short of the weekend.



Annamanila said...

There are days like these talaga -- when we want to daydream and reminisce. Just as there are days when everyting is so frantic. Days focused on the here and now. that makes life interesting, don't you think.

Rudy said...

"I could use a lot more sleep. And a lot more play." - Me too... and I don't even have a kid! :-D

Josh of Arabia said...

i remember those days..i can relate too well..ah, our heydays.!

ps: blated hapi mom day :)

chateau aka imom said...

You're so blessed naman to have such a picturesque office window...

I also have very fond memories of childhood summers - the afternoons we spent climbing guava trees and staying there, just hanging around like monkeys. haha.

Tagalog komiks were contrabands, so we had to hide them under the bed.