May 18, 2008

My Kind of Green

The road leading to the office is flanked by fields in varying shades of green. This is my favorite shade thus far: the refreshing green-ness of rice waiting to be transplanted.

Suddenly, the rice crisis, the NFA queues, the family access cards seem so alien, so far-fetched.

Always, I feel so blessed to be traveling this road.


rowena said...

Hi Anna, how are you? Hope you're doin' ok. Very nice pics, and who would believe there's rice shortage here in Manila. Gimmick lang yan para maiba naman usapan sa congress, he he. Kumita pa tuloy lalo mga rice retailers dito...tsk. tsk..

chateau aka imom said...

So soothing and refreshing indeed!

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Anna!! I would love to have that kind of scenery anywhere..anytime. Alam mo naman dito sa Manila..all concrete and polluted.

Rudy said...

And they say we have a rice crisis... bah!

Hay nako, I wish I could see more greens here in the urban jungle. All I see are shades of grey kasi. :-(