August 16, 2008

Catching Up

Our friend Marissa was in town, and Nena cooked up a mini meet-up. We had a good laugh over our nineteen kopong-kopong graduation pictures, over Ali's usual crazy quips and over just about every thing.

Beyond the gas-pain inducing laughter, we bridged the gap between the then and now, between high school and our preoccupations of the moment. Because we grew up in an age when every one knew one anothers' families, talk got around to parents and siblings and how we are as parents of teenagers and toddlers.

At some point, Marissa marveled at how some of us have taken on our mothers' faces. Between 1984 and 2008, most of us have changed, some in stature, most in appearances. The changes notwithstanding, we were back to our former selves as we talked about the once upon a times, about high school and the craziness of it all.

At past nine, the mothers among us started to get restless. We could have talked on and on, but husbands and children are waiting, and life couldn't be put on hold. With the promise of catching up soon enough, we traded high school for the here and now.

Truly, we have become our mothers.


Mel said...

hi mench. inggit ako sa indo. wished i was there. please say hi to everyone for me.

Rudy said...

Hirap ng maging magulang ano? Lalo na when you reminisce about those carefree days when the word "responsibility" was considered a dirty word. But hey, at least you now find fulfillment in what you do... :-)