August 18, 2008

Coffee Talk

I am on to my third cup of coffee within the past two hours. I really should be doing some serious technical stuff. Instead, I have this blog window open, and I can't resist the temptation to blog.

There is something about coffee that sets off a certain rush. Suddenly, writing seems a lot more pleasant. The thought process may not be clear, and may even be prone to rambling, but the translation from thought bubbles to keyboard seems a lot easier.

Ironically, it wasn't in the newsroom that I developed this addiction for coffee. I was perfectly fine with watching beat reporters alternately churning out their daily requisite column inches and downing steaming mugfuls. Besides, since I worked in the Sunday section, I wasn't always in a rush anyway.

But when I moved from writing for a weekly to a monthly, my latent craving for caffeine surfaced. My "seatmate" Arni made the perfect brew, and--with the heady aroma wafting through those modular cubicles--I was hooked. Coffee actually took on a more social aspect and it figured pretty much in every swinging single thing: last-full shows, dinners, quiet conversations, rowdy after-office bonding, Saturday-night hangovers.

Although I have since traded the publication for the bureaucracy, I still get my kick from coffee. Attacking the paperwork is a breeze, and there's nothing like the smell of a fresh cup to get me on track.

And so, enough of this rambling and on to the task at hand...


kayni said...

I think that I am addicted to coffee. I can't function at work or at home if I haven't had my morning cup of coffee yet. Like right now, I have a huge cup of coffee, while blog hopping =).

Rudy said...

Good thing I'm not that addicted to coffee. I love em but I can't seem to down more than 3 cups a day without going through bouts of insomnia at night... :-)

Rowena said...

Hi Anna, how are you? Hope you're doin' great. Been awhile since I last visited, missed your site that's why I'm back here. ;-)

Annamanila said...

I half knew it -- you also write for a living! :) But unlike you, I have never worked for a diario except technical publications.

I like coffee and I need it every morning to thaw myself a bit faster from the zombie-freeze. But I have never been addicted to it; I could do without it without fretting. Which is a good thing as I can no longer take coffee except decaf.