August 8, 2008

Messy, Messy Me

Was that July that just flew out the window? Is it August already? As I cleaned out my drawer and found projects enthusiastically begun and unceremoniously abandoned, I realized that it's way past the middle of the year. Way past my self-imposed deadline for a well-organized 2008.

At home, my desk is groaning with paper and what have yous that I might find some use for in my scrapbooking projects. There are photos that are supposed to be put in albums or given to those whose smiling faces are forever captured in full color. There are receipts and clippings. Things that I might as well throw away but just can't bring myself to.

At the office, my files are semi-organized. Papers from the first quarter have since been segregated and are neatly filed in properly-labeled folders. The rest is dumped into folders generically dismissed as "for filing," waiting for that inspired moment when I suddenly discover that I am anal after all. Meanwhile, documents are back to their naturally unsystematic mess.

The funny thing is I am perfectly able to retrieve stuff without having to risk a major anxiety attack. Funnier still, if it were up to me, I'd leave things as they are. The great thing about the randomness of it all is the fact that I am always rediscovering things. It may be a forgotten book or a faded photograph, or the very document that has eluded countless searches. Heck, it can even be a (thankfully unopened and still edible) pack of crackers.

So much for organization, huh?


Rudy said...

Ay nako, you should see my work table, and what's under it.

Funny but, just this night, before reading this post, I was rummaging through that long-forgotten drawer under my desk and voila! I found some old photographs I took many many moons ago, including that night shot of Mayon Volcano spewing out glowing lava.

Annamanila said...

And what about me? It is way past the middle of my life and still I haven't gotten rid of mess.

probably one of the reasons I do not want to fully retire has to do with organizing stuff.

I have accumulated a roomful of papers and what-nots in the office and there is simply no room at home to accommodate them simply because there is already an accumulation there too.

The random finds .. I know all about them. With me, it is trying to look for something I need today and finding instead another I needed last year.

They say that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. And an empty desk is ....

Take your pick, my tokaya.

kayni said...

I was laughing at the finding "unopened and still edible pack or crackers." In my pursuit to get organized, I recently found old chocnuts in one of my drawers. Guess what, since I could only get those from Filipino stores here, I greedily ate it. They still tasted delicious =).

Gina said...

The crackers still 'crack'???

This is a funny post, it evokes of a picture of a person underneath all the piles of paper and clutter and an eye peeking out.

Yes, time flies...

Ely said...

I remember back in college, i was so out of money for a couple of days and i cant go out i was stuck in my room, i started cleaning and in my locker i found 2000 pesos in one of my jacket pockets.

i remember putting it there a few months back, forgotten and suddenly showed up when i needed it. :P

chateau a.k.a. imom said...

Uhm.. Good to know I am not alone in my endless groaning that my workspace is always a mess.
It comforts me indeed.