August 12, 2008


Our office at the city hall is relatively small. There is just enough room for five middle management people, five associates, and the usual come-and-go clients. All things considered, and barring the times when it got really cramped, the set-up worked quite well.

Until the two middle managers started getting on each others' nerves. At first, we didn't give it much thought and dismissed their catfights as a case of familiarity breeding contempt. It was even a source of minor amusement.

But then the spat between the two warring women has become increasingly irritating, and it just isn't funny anymore. A has taken to name calling and "invoking" the saints for ill to befall B. B has taken to thumping A's bag and declaring "fake, fake, fake." Both have taken to regaling those who cared to listen--and those who didn't--with versions of their "episodes," in what can only be a glorified version of agawan base.

The thing is the corporate gladiators are not exactly that young. Leaving all of us to conclude that really, immaturity knows no age.


Annamanila said...

And higher management (e.g. the mayor) doesn't do anything?

Intrigues and hostilities are par for the course in offices ... part of group dynamics and the 'power play.' But what is happening in yours seem to be at a pathetic level (sabi mo nga no longer funny) ... unprofessional (sabi mo nga, immature). Kung baga, parang away bata o away palengke.


Something's got to give.

kayni said...

I'm sorry, but I know it's not funny being in an office like this, but I was laughing when you mentioned "B thumping on A's bag as fake." I do hope that this two will find time to consider how they're affecting the office atmosphere.

undecipherable indentity said...

dito sa opisina bawal ang away, lalo na yung sagutan, ang makitang nagaaway automatic may memo..kelangan nio na sigurong ireport yan sa hr nio kung nakakaapekto na sa trabaho nio...

chateau a.k.a. imom said...

What makes it worse is that you all have to bear with it in your small office space. Nakakairita nga.

Tapos oldies pa, hindi talaga bagay. :P

Rudy said...

Hay nako, we will never truly escape office politics. Kahit saan meron niyan, even in the company where I used to work, grabe ang sipsipan at intrigue. So, there's still no hair-pulling and the obligatory "sampalan" yet? :-D

Have a great three-day weekend, Anna